Dark 80s

The Dark Side of the 1980s

Alternative. Avant Garde. Coldwave. Darkwave. Deathrock. Electro. Experimental. Gothic. Hardcore. Heavy Metal. Industrial. Krautrock. Minimal. Mutant Disco. NDW. New Romantic. New Wave. Noise Rock. No Wave. Post-Punk. Synthpop. Synthpunk, and much much more.

Negativland - Escape From Noise

1. Announcement
2. Quiet Please
3. Michael Jackson
4. Escape From Noise
5. The Playboy Channel
6. Stress In Marriage
7. Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song
8. Over The Hiccups
9. Sycamore
10. Car Bomb
11. Methods Of Torture
12. Yellow Black and Rectangular
13. Backstage Pass
14. Christianity Is Stupid
15. Time Zones
16. You Don't Even Live Here
17. The Way Of It
18. Endscape


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