Dark 80s

The Dark Side of the 1980s

Alternative. Avant Garde. Coldwave. Darkwave. Deathrock. Electro. Experimental. Gothic. Hardcore. Heavy Metal. Industrial. Krautrock. Minimal. Mutant Disco. NDW. New Romantic. New Wave. Noise Rock. No Wave. Post-Punk. Synthpop. Synthpunk, and much much more.

GG Allin - Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies

1. My Revenge
2. Dope Money
3. Be My Fuckin Whore
4. Suck My Ass It Smells
5. Dog Shit
6. Wild Riding
7. Sleeping In My Piss
8. Anti Social Masterbator
9. Last In Line For The Gang Bang
10. Die When You Die
11. Commit Suicide
12. Crash & Burn
13. Outlaw Scumfuc
14. Caroline & Sue
15. Cunt Sucking Cannibal
16. Family
17. Young Little Meat
18. I Wanna Kill You
19. My Bloody Mutilation


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