Dark 80s

The Dark Side of the 1980s

Alternative. Avant Garde. Coldwave. Darkwave. Deathrock. Electro. Experimental. Gothic. Hardcore. Heavy Metal. Industrial. Krautrock. Minimal. Mutant Disco. NDW. New Romantic. New Wave. Noise Rock. No Wave. Post-Punk. Synthpop. Synthpunk, and much much more.

Gene Loves Jezebel - Promise

Disc 1:
01. Upstairs
02. Bruises
03. Pop Tarantula
04. Screaming For Emmalene
05. Scheming
06. Bread From Heaven
07. Influenza
08. Shower Me With Brittle Punches
09. Wraps And Arms
10. Psychological Problems

Disc 2:
01. Shame (Original Version)
02. Influenza (Relapse)
03. Stephen (Original Version)
04. Walking In The Park
05. Wraps And Arms (Alternate Version)
06. Bruises (Extended Aingle Version)
07. Punch Drunk
08. Brando (Bruises) (Extended Version)
09. Scheming (Original Version)
10. Screaming (For Emmalene) (Single Version)
11. So Young (Heave Hard Heave Ho)
12. No Voodoo Dollies
13. Shaving My Neck
14. Sun And Insanity
15. Machismo
16. Glad To Be Alive


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