Dark 80s

The Dark Side of the 1980s

Alternative. Avant Garde. Coldwave. Darkwave. Deathrock. Electro. Experimental. Gothic. Hardcore. Heavy Metal. Industrial. Krautrock. Minimal. Mutant Disco. NDW. New Romantic. New Wave. Noise Rock. No Wave. Post-Punk. Synthpop. Synthpunk, and much much more.

The Southern Death Cult - The Southern Death Cult

1. Fatman
2. Moya
3. The Girl
4. All Glory
5. Today
6. False Faces
7. Flowers In The Forest
8. Patriot
9. The Crypt
10. Crow
11. Faith
12. Vivisection
13. Apache
14. Moya
15. Fatman

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