Dark 80s

The Dark Side of the 1980s

Alternative. Avant Garde. Coldwave. Darkwave. Deathrock. Electro. Experimental. Gothic. Hardcore. Heavy Metal. Industrial. Krautrock. Minimal. Mutant Disco. NDW. New Romantic. New Wave. Noise Rock. No Wave. Post-Punk. Synthpop. Synthpunk, and much much more.

Dark 80s Volume 20

Mixed by Kitty Lectro.

13th Chime - 13th Victim.
Lè Travo - Guernica.
Dobri Isak - Sinoc Si Sanjao Da Si Pas.
Twenty Four Hour World - Drink.
Clair Obscur - Psychiatric.
Move - Kronstadt.
UK Decay - For Madmen Only.
Gargoyle Sox - Succubus.
Scarecrow - Blood In My Dreams.
Musta Paraati - Ennustus.
Closed Session - My Shout.
Screams For Tina - Simple Addictions.
Skeletal Family - The Wind Blows.
Voodoo Church - Rest In Peace.
Acute Logic - The Obsession.


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