Dark 80s Volume 16

Mixed by Kitty Lectro.

Nine Circles - What's There Left?
NON - Mode Of Infection.
Das Kabinette - The Cabinet.
The Normal - TVOD.
Polyphonic Size - Logique Polygonale.
Transparent Illusion - The Age Of Ridicule.
Fad Gadget - Insecticide.
Turquoise Days - Blurred.
Suicide - Rocket USA.
Deux - Game And Performance.
Craig Sibley - I See Art, You See Clay.
Logic System - Unit.
Dark Day - Danger Dancer.
Smalts - Werktitel 4.
Der Plan - Commerce Exterie.
Ensemble Pittoresque - Maitre Satori.
Genocide - Images Of Delusion.
Many special thanks to Lidia Fiala from Nine Circles.