Dark 80s Volume 13

Mixed by Kitty Lectro.

Die Form - Sex By Force.
Absolute Body Control - Love At First Sight.
Experimental Products - Anesthetic.
Mono 45/UPM - Romance Adeiu.
Chris & Cosey - Love Cuts.
The Future - Pulse Lovers.
Fast Forward - Bye Bye Love.
Nine Circles - Miss Love.
Alexander Robotnick - Les Grands Voyages De L'Amour.
P1/E - 49 Second Romance.
Ciaran Harte- Love Is Strange.
Ti-Tho - Die Liebst Ist Ein Abenteuer.
V.O.K. - Lonely Boys, Lonely Girls.
Schleimer K - Women.
Twilight Ritual - I Never Called You A Dream.
Comix - Touche Pas Mon Sexe.
Many special thanks to Lidia Fiala from Nine Circles.